Car Battery Test Near Me | Free Battery Check

Car Battery Test Near Me | Free Battery Check

Get A Free Battery Testing to Ensure Safety

Battery failures can happen without almost no warning what so ever. If you would like peace of mind that both your car or truck’s battery is in good working order before you are left stranded somewhere. Come in anytime for a free battery test at QueensAuto in Kingsville and our expert technicians will check your battery’s key health indicators in under 2 minutes time. You will even get a printed out receipt of all of your batteries stats including its charging and ‘cranking’ capabilities (CCA).  If we find you need a replacement, we have hundreds of batteries in stock to match all vehicle makes and models – with no obligation to buy.

Common Customer Questions about our Free Battery Testing

How Will I know If I need a New Battery for My Vehicle?

The 2 Minute Report is generated quickly after the leads are attached to the Battery in your vehicle and will tell us immediately if your battery will be in need of replacement.

How Will I know What Size Car Battery I will Need?

The expert technicians at QueensAuto in Kingsville Ont. will happily advise you on getting the correct battery for your car. We have hundreds of batteries in stock and you would even be able to select our good, better or best options.

Will You Have My Particular Battery in Stock?

We hold the majority of all major car batteries in stock, however if in the off chance that it is a rare battery, we will still be able to source it from the CARQUEST network from other stores in our area or next day shipping from our main warehouses.

How long will my Vehicle Battery Last?

It is interesting to note that most of the damage done to a car battery is happens in the summer time, not in the winter. However, after a long blistering summer the battery carries on and usually quits in the winter time. No fun, huh? On average must trusted brands of batteries will eventually need replacing around the 4-5 year mark, so if your battery is getting close, please stop by and we will test it for you.

How Much Does a New Car or Truck Battery Cost?

Battery costs are dependent on your car. If you come in to the store for a Free Battery Test we can always provide you with a quote upfront. If you wish, you can look up your vehicles car battery directly from our Order Parts Online Catalog for In-Store Pickup.

Car Battery Test

Book A Free Battery Test Today

As stated above no appointment is necessary for you to stop by and get your battery checked, but if you had any questions about your current batteries health or where looking for a certain brand, please don’t hesitate to call us at 519 776 9885 or stop by directly at 37 Main St East Kingsville Ontario and we will be sure to provide you with a Free Battery Test right there on the spot.