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When you need a battery, of any size, for any device, come in to Queens Auto Supply . With more than 16,000 portable power solutioPetes_Paint_battery_Centerns we truly have Every Battery for Every Need. Auto, Marine, RV, Golf, Electronics, Mobility, Medical Devices, Cordless tools, Computers, Cellular Phones.  The list is endless.  Not only will our experts make it easy to find just the right battery, but we can handle all your battery recycling needs as well! Come in today or submit our request a quote form and we’ll research for you.

We are partnered with both EAST PENN/DEKA , INTERSTATE BATTERIES ,  OPTIMA  and ENERSYS  to provide you with the largest selection and the highest quality possible.

to provide you with the largest selection and the highest quality possible.



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The above chart is one of many great things to learn and remember – all part of this manual …see below ……


DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES ….There is no need to apply added cycles for the sake of priming; however, manufacturers recommend to go easy on the battery until broken in …see more at







UNDERSTANDING AGM BATTERIES  …   AGM =Absorbed Glass Mat …acid forms a ‘gel’

Oh ..the O’s in Batteries – keeping the O’s separate …  all are AGM

Orbital (made by Exide ) …we do NOT sell this brand

Optima ( made by JCI ) …starts with SC prefix

Odyssey ( made by Enersys) …starts with MT7 prefix




  • RED top for starting …eg)  SC34DU perfect for many North American applications on taxi’s etc  
  • YELLOW TOPfor combo-starting & deep cycle …eg) SC51RDA  perfect for smaller cars like Honda’s with Hi-Perf options & a HUGE stereo that drains most other batteries & SC78S for side post applications
  • BLUE TOP for pure DEEP CYCLE like SC27DM  the perfect marine battery ….   this is just a sample of the Optima Batteries we stock in Leamington for you needs


Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.58.11 AM

ODYSSEY BATTERIES ….  here  is link -a bit long at 15 minutes … but if you have the time … on how they are made and why they are expensive … but good

MT7-31    3 year FULL replacement warranty  Note also called 31-AGM7  & 31P-AGM7

MT7-34    4 year FULL replacement warranty

MT7-65    4 year FULL replacement warranty

MT7-78   4 year FULL replacement warranty

Key Points — both starting & deep cycle —  Virgin Lead means extended service  — slower idle discharge rate… check out the links above for full info …




Recycle all types of batteries are our store location …bring them all in – all types and we will make sure they handled properly